Monday, April 30, 2012


In my current momentum I haven't gone back to test with people yet to see if we can join a common server. I'm sure it will work, I just need to figure out the exact code for what goes down when your not all on a local server.

However, I have starting coding the loading screen that occurs after you "start the game". The server starts sending out many small bite sized info messages to the clients. These messages reconvene into the world map and locations for things such as chests, keys, doors, etc.

I will in the near future however need to go back and test out connecting over the internet with my first group of Alpha testers! Oh the excitement! 

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Dry Spell

The past week or so has been quite slow, development wise.  My fiance has been freed up from her work in the art studio so we have been spending more time together before she leaves for an art internship all summer. However, I have been adding things here and there. I've got a handful of buttons made up for the main menu and lobby. I'm trying to create a decent prototype to send to my first testers.

That being said, I need testers! I need 3 people (other than myself) to try to join in one server lobby, exchange messages, and leave successfully.  The exact time is to be announced, but it won't be right away. I will be very grateful. Let me know if you're interested. If I don't know you, I will discuss later how we can get in contact.

I'm getting rather excited to finish up the menus so I can continue on the game portion of the game. I'm constantly thinking of new ways to do things and content to include.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Signing On

I lied. I am not going to be making that simple multiplayer game. I'm skipping my own advice (kind of) to take little steps and just adding it to the game. The game had no entry point anyway, so it got me building on the main menu code, and more on the multiplayer lobby. I have also been building the server.

So far it has been running great. I can successfully talk to the server and have set up an "instant messenger" so that players can chat while they set up the game. The server of course can see everything behind the scenes, and do some server stuff, like kick players.

Before the weekend is over I will test communication in the game between my laptop and computer. When that works, I'll have a friend test connect from another locale.

On another note, I was working on the title screen, but don't have a great title yet. My program right now is called "Crawler" and the title screen shows the pending name "Another Downward Path". I don't like it. Name my game!!!