Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Silent Night, no, Year

It has been over a year since I have posted here. My  main project was put aside as I was asked to help with some apps designed for children by an individual in the Netherlands. Then that was put on hold to prepare for my wedding and to move to a new apartment. After that, I wanted to code, but I found that somebody (I can't remember now, I thought it was Blizzard) had created a top down game very similar to my own but for iPad, and light years ahead of what I could do, so my ambition to continue my game went to nil. Who wants to create a game that has already been created? Okay... seems every newbie game maker and their cousin wants to or has created a Minecraft clone.

So, I bring you the bad news: After two years of development in different forms, Decent is dead, and will no longer be worked on. Many games like it exist, with more and more indie games coming out with "randomly" generated everything. If I want something that stands out, it has to be new.


I have started a different project. A project inspired by my friend Moss's blog. A project inspired by tactical tabletop gaming. A project inspired by Oculus Rift.

For now, I plan on keeping it pretty simple. Focus will be on game play, not content. I'm currently hashing out a map builder, which I already have a fully working prototype for. Now I'm getting ahead of myself... need to make a new post... or blog...